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Hire me for your next video game!

I am a freelance composer and I work in my own studio. I have access to scoring and recording equipment and I often use professional EastWest sample and instrument packs, giving me legal access to over 40,000 different sounds to incorporate in your video game soundtrack. I have had extensive training in a large variety of musical genres; some of which include Classical and Romantic, Jazz and Blues, Metal and Rock, Disco and Hip Hop, and many more.



My extensive knowledge and experience in the music world has given me a plethora of tools and abilities to create thrilling and emotive music in a multitude of styles and genres. There are not many genres of music that I have not performed or written for, which gives me an advantage as a composer by being wholistic in my approach to new projects.

Playing Violins


I pride myself in specialising in Orchestral Composition for my projects. I have extensive experience of working with Orchestras and I regularly conduct for musicals in Birmingham, UK. I often create arrangements of video game music as well as some selections from Studio Ghibli's Joe Hisaishi. I am a classically trained Tenor and I also play Piano, Trombone and Cello as part of my Orchestral skillset. These abilities allow me to compose for Orchestra accurately and appropriately, with the majority of my work being scored before recording or being digitally crafted with the use of my subscription to EastWest's professional sound library.



My musical background explores a plethora of musical stylings. In my earlier music exploration I fronted many bands which performed around the west midlands. I have fronted a Pop Punk band, an Alt Rock and Heavy Metal band, a Ska Band, and many other musical groups. In 2014 I supported popular bands Lawson and Union J at the Birmingham LG Arena, in the same year I also performed with the English Touring Opera. I typically provide lead vocals as well as play Guitar, Bass and Drums and Keyboard depending on the current demands. I based my University dissertation on exploring and composing a multitude of musical genres such as Country, Pop, Disco, Blues, Pop Punk, J-Rock and 1930's Doo-Wop.



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